Friday, January 10, 2014

29 Faces starts in February!

29 faces challenge
Are you looking for a good challenge that will help you develop your people drawing skills? The 29 Faces blog challenge (Facebook link here) run by Ayala art is a super fun one! During the month of February, you need to draw 29 different faces and post them on your blog or on Facebook and join in on the commenting and viewing of other participants' art. This one is a little easier to do every day since you can easily do a quick sketch or a doodle and not have to worry about spending ages on a painted portrait. Any medium goes! Head on over to the blog to read up on all of the details.

Here's my set of faces from the last challenge in September 2013. Wow, tons of work! As you can see, I went all out when I had time and resorted to sketches when time was short. It's a great challenge for all levels of skill and for people with varying degrees of free time! Click for a bigger image. Hope you can join us!

1 comment:

  1. I hope to have time to play along again ! Your work is very inspirational. I cannot wait to see your work!


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