Friday, February 14, 2014

So many faces!

Most of the ArtTrader team has been participating in the 29 Faces challenge for the month of February. We're halfway through and maybe slightly behind but we're getting there! It's been a lot of fun so far. We've all been using a variety of different mediums and techniques. It's a good experience with these challenges, even though they're time consuming. You end up with a lot of great art and good practice.

Here are a few of the faces we've been making.

At left are Sarah Trumpp's incredibly awesome wooden heart faces. She used colored pencil on wooden shapes and they turned out fantastic. These would make great ornaments to hang on a tree or hang a bunch of them on a wall in a group.

Below are a couple of Ann D'Angelo's faces from her blog. At left is one in markers and ink and at right, (Ann herself in a lovely self-portrait!) in acrylic paint.

Below are a couple of my faces from my blog. The one on the left is pencil and watercolor and at right is a digital painting in Photoshop.We'll update at the end of the challenge with lots more faces!

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