Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Issue 22 (Spring 2014) Now Available!

Here's what's inside:

  • Design 911: Paper Dolls - The gateway to creative problem solving! 
  •  Do It Five Ways: Stencils 
  • Look! Altering Your Glasses Case 
  • Musings of a Self-Trained Artist: A Laywoman’s Laycolumn 
  • Artist Inspiration Dolls
  • Anti-Art-Journaling: Chronicles Project Online 
  • Walk-Through with Markers: Whimsical Mermaid Reader’s
  • Gallery: Art Journal Pages 
  • BunnyMonster Art Doll 
  • Reader’s Gallery: Owls 
  • Whimsical Houses: Keeping things in perspective
  • Gallery: Whimsical Houses 
  • Altering a Doll Head with Epoxy Clay and Paint
Download Issue 22 (Spring 2014) here! 6.3 MB

Once you've finished with our latest issue, please visit our Past Issues page to download 21 issues from 2008 - 2014. There's tons of great reading there!


  1. This is a fantastic issue! I am so excited to see my wee bunny on the cover :D :D

  2. Your bunny is awesome! He is cover material!

  3. So far I have skimmed but Sal, that whimsical houses one! I feel it is written for me. LOL Seriously, can you recommend a book? Or will any do? I have watched a few youtube videos on perspective but probably need to buckle down.

    The whole issues looks terrific! I want to try to submit something but I don't know what. :D

    1. The one book that really helped me was "Perspective Made Easy" by Edward Norling. It's from 1939, lol. But it's still great info and it's very easy to follow. Luckily, as I was looking it up to see if it's still in print, I found that Dover Publications has the entire book available online as a PDF!



    2. Actually, it's not Dover who has it, I guess it's an artist. Anyway, it's there!


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