Monday, June 30, 2014

New Issue coming July 14th!

Our new issue will be available online on Monday, July 14th We have lots of fun Frida art and tutorials along with cute little whimsical houses and drawing stick figures. Yes, you read that right. Drawing stick figures! Actually, it's a little harder than it sounds. Andrea Melione takes you through drawing a beautifully done action pose using simple stick figures. All coming up next week, after the holidays in Canada and the USA. Happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Whimsical Mermaid in Markers by Andrea Melione

Start with a clean line drawing (erase all pencil, as the graphite will muddy your marker colors when you add them.

Now you can lay in your base coats. I have used Canary Yellow and Spanish orange.  Outline first, then fill in with color.

Now I add mid-tone color. I am using Spanish orange for the canary yellow mid- tone, and Orange as a mid-tone for the Spanish orange.

 Now I add the dark tones. Orange goes over Spanish orange mid-tone and Burnt Ochre goes over orange mid-tone.
Here I’ve added a Violet background, Light Violet for the wings, and Avocado for the seaweed.
 Here I’ve added a cyclone shape in the background for a school of fish, and detail on the wings
To the left is the finished ATC! I Added the school of fish and other highlights with a white gel pen. In addition, I re-inked the drawing with a pen - to make the line work bolder. Finishing touches were made with Stardust Pens (a Sakura product.)

Prismacolor Markers:

• Canary Yellow
• Spanish Orange
• Orange
• Burnt Ochre
• Violet
• Light Violet
• Avacado
• True Green

Novelty Pens:

• Green and Purple Stardust pens
• White Gelly Roll (med)
• Uni-ball Vision Roller Ball Stick
• Water-Proof Pen (Fine and Extra-Fine weights)

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