Monday, June 30, 2014

New Issue coming July 14th!

Our new issue will be available online on Monday, July 14th We have lots of fun Frida art and tutorials along with cute little whimsical houses and drawing stick figures. Yes, you read that right. Drawing stick figures! Actually, it's a little harder than it sounds. Andrea Melione takes you through drawing a beautifully done action pose using simple stick figures. All coming up next week, after the holidays in Canada and the USA. Happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day!


  1. well darn it! was just planning to submit some Frida art to you! oh well...cant wait to see the next issue!

  2. Can I say here just how much I love and appreciate your magazine, I can hardly believe it is free, it is so much better than a lot of others which we pay for (not more than once!). I downloaded all issues to go on holiday where there was no signal and each one I read was a delight, in fact there is so much in each issue that I didn't manage to read them all. Thanks you very much indeed.


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