ArtTrader Magazine is a free web based publication (PDF) that focuses on mail art such as artist trading cards (ATCs and ACEOs), journals, chunky pages, inchies and other altered art items. The publication features a wide variety of "how-to" articles as well as interviews with established and new artists from the traditional to the outsider styles. ArtTrader Magazine is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) in PDF format.

ArtTrader is geared toward artists of all levels who enjoy trading mail art and creating altered art and other items. Our articles focus on new to intermediate level artists though we are also a good source of info for more established or professional artists who want to have fun with mixed media and collage. Our magazine often contains artistic nudity and mature themes.

ArtTrader Team 

Sal Scheibe works as a freelance illustrator and creative designer. Sal is always working on new art and paintings for her Etsy store as well as a couple of online comics that will be appearing in the Spring of 2014. She also enjoys trading ATCs, working in Decos from around the world and sharing art with others.  Sal’s favorite artists and illustrators include Joe Sorren, J.C. Leyendecker, William Bougereau, Norman Rockwell and John Singer Sargent. Her favored mediums are acrylic paint, colored pencils and markers. www.slscheibe.com | SLSart.etsy.com | redzombies.blogspot.ca


Ann D’Angelo  (right in pic) is having one of those lives with a lot of spontaneous left turns. She started out teaching English at Boston University, and after a lengthy detour through corporate America, she is now making art in Central Indiana, where she lives with her husband, son, and more than her fair share of puppet heads. Most of Ann’s work involves altering found objects with paint and (lately) epoxy clay, but she loves mixed media and is determined to become way more awesome with acrylics. You can find her at www.wonderstrange.com and wonderann.etsy.com.


Andrea Melione (akaEraserQueen) has a B.S. in Arts Management and is doggedly pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. She has been involved in Mailart for ten years and is the co-founder of IllustratedATCs.com. She is a contributor to ArtTrader Magazine where she is a graphic designer and author. She mainly works in watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics, markers and gel pens. Her work has been in four exhibits, though two were academic and she isn’t sure if that counts enough to sound cool. eraserqueenstudios.blogspot.com

Sarah Trumpp (aka themuppet) has never seen the inside of an art school and is making it up as she goes along. She lives in a teeny town in the wilds of New York with her husband, kids, and fish, and dreams of being an evil overlord. She has been an active participant in the Mailart world for the past four years, and she works primarily in acrylics, watercolors, colored pencil, marker, ink, clay, paper mache, yarn, felt, bone, wire, and glass. She obviously needs to reign it in a bit.
wonderstrange.com | littlebitsofweird.blogspot.com

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