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ArtTrader Magazine no longer hosts online workshops but some of our magazine contributors are promoting programs on their own website. We've posted details for you below.


Online Workshop: Creating with Intention

Making Mixed Media Art that Delights the Eyes & Feeds the Soul

Registration: Info and details here!
$35 US per person
with Ann D'Angelo & Sal Scheibe

Description:  We all know there can be joy in a spontaneous, instinctive artistic process where we are guided from layer to layer by what feels right and what looks good.  Yet that same process can turn on us, especially when things start to feel wrong and we don’t know why, when we can’t understand what happened to the piece we were so in love with 20 minutes ago, when the joy is suddenly gone. To avoid that spiral, this class helps you introduce more intention into your process, making conscious, well-informed decisions about colors, layers, shapes, and the “ripple effects” of every new addition to your work.  Through this workshop, you’ll be able to:
  • Create stronger focal points packed with visual interest
  • Develop rich, layered backgrounds that support your focal point – and your theme / prompt
  • Identify and resolve problems so you can get back to the joy of making art

Get a taste of the content and instructor bios right here!


Online Workshop: Mixed Media Goth Girls with SL Scheibe

$35 US per person
This online workshop features an in-depth look at creating mixed media goth girls with multiple videos and a 30 page workbook. We'll look at goth culture and background, explore gothic style clothing and hair and pretty goth faces. We'll work through mixed media techniques and planning canvases and at the end, you can make 3 different types of goth girl canvases: whimsical, painted and collaged. This program is aimed at beginning to intermediate artists or for more experienced artists who want to try their hand at mixed media and collage.

The goal of this workshop is to help you create your own unique goth girl art and to help you develop your own style. You are of course welcome to reproduce the paintings and art that I do if that's your preference. All canvases are shown step by step in video so you can apply these techniques to your own art or use my samples as a base for learning. It's up to you!

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